why is las vegas air quality so bad
That's according to a team of researchers with the Natural Resources Defense Council. This is according to a new study, "Trouble in the Air: Millions of Americans Breathe Polluted Air," by Environment Nevada, U.S. PIRG, and the Frontier Group. LAS VEGAS, NV | January 30, 2019. If you smoked, low dose CT screening could save your life. Our key findings add to the evidence that a changing climate is making it harder to protect human health. LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) - You don't have to live in Las Vegas very long before you realize the air can be pretty bad sometimes. “When older adults or children with asthma breathe ozone-polluted air, too often they end up in the doctor’s office, the hospital or the emergency room. We can make a positive change by opting for public transportation or carpooling, conserving energy at home and work, keeping car engines properly maintained, tires properly inflated, and try refueling your car in the evening when it's cooler outside. Smog is caused when two chemicals combine and then are hit by sunlight. “State of the Air” 2019 also tracked short-term spikes in particle pollution, as these can be extremely dangerous and even lethal. This year’s report covers the most recent quality-assured data available collected by states, cities, counties, tribes and federal agencies in 2015-2017. “In burning fossil fuels like coal and diesel and gasoline, it creates both smog and particulate pollution,” she said. Las Vegas is second only to the Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, California area with more than 100 days a year of elevated air pollution levels. Levitt said that smog can cause damage similar to a "sunburn in the lungs" and particulate pollution, which is extremely small, chemically packed particles, can travel into the bloodstream through the lungs. And as the climate changes and gets warmer, there are likely to be hotter and sunnier days, Leavitt said. The 2019 report also found year-round particle pollution levels lower than the 2018 report. 1289 S. Torrey Pines Dr.Las Vegas, NV 89146, Main Number:  1-702-258-9895Toll Free: 1-888-258-9895. Christy Leavitt, Senior Director, Environment America's Research and Policy Center, Washington, DC. A new report says the air pollution in Las Vegas ranks among the worst in the country. You’ve found a like-minded tribe that cherishes what a free press stands for. This website uses cookies to improve content delivery. He told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the study "screams of bias," because it counted days that the EPA has labeled 'moderate' air quality days in its bad air quality count. "The winds are erratic, so Friday is going to be bad," says Nicco. Particulate Matter: PM-2.5 PM-10: Particle pollution (also called particulate matter or PM) is the term for a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets found in the air. Select your location to view local American Lung Association events and news near you. And on the local level, Leavitt said Nevada needs to do more to use renewable energy sources like wind, solar and geothermal. Take the quiz to see if you should get screened. Stay informed. Plus, the warmer climate will likely result in more wildfires, which put more particulate matter into the air. Thank you! “Year-round particle pollution levels have dropped thanks to the cleanup of coal-fired power plants and the retirement of old, dirty diesel engines.”. Both ozone and particle pollution are dangerous to public health and can increase the risk of premature death and other serious health effects such as lung cancer, asthma attacks, cardiovascular damage, and developmental and reproductive harm. "Trouble in the Air: Millions of Americans Breathe Polluted Air," by Environment Nevada, U.S. PIRG, and the Frontier Group, Climate Change Undercuts Air Pollution Improvements, 'Scary Moms' Are Part Of The Citizen War Against Pollution In Pakistan, Traffic Is Way Down Because Of Lockdown, But Air Pollution? While the report examined data from 2015-2017, this 20th annual report online provides information on air pollution trends back to the first report. You've been successfully subscribed to our newsletter! “What we found in the report was that air pollution remains a threat to public health," Christy Levitt, senior director at Environment America's Research and Policy Center, told KNPR's State of Nevada. Copyright 2019 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. ©2020 American Lung Association. Air quality was also bad further north in Mendocino County. The American Lung Association is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Share your voice and advocate for policies that will save lives. "We want to make sure both of those standards – clean cars and smog standards – stay strong,” she said. Learn more about Las Vegas rankings, as well as air quality across Nevada and the nation, in the 2019 “State of the Air” report at Lung.org/sota. "This is a really significant, costly problem for people living in Las Vegas and Nevada overall," said Vijay Limaye, an environmental epidemiologist with the NRDC. "It's a very irritating particulate that we breathe in," Dr. George said. He told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the study "screams of bias," because it counted days that the EPA has labeled 'moderate' air quality days in its bad air quality count. The report analyzes particle pollution in two ways: through average annual particle pollution levels and short-term spikes in particle pollution. In a … Join the 500,000+ people getting our newsletter! “There are a lot of sunny days in Nevada so that helps to compound and make smog worse,” she said. Notably, those three years were the hottest recorded in global history. If you can spend another couple of minutes making a pledge of as little as $5, you’ll feel like a superhero defending democracy for less than the cost of a month of Netflix. Health organizations warn of the dangers of vaping. “Ozone especially harms children, older adults and those with asthma and other lung diseases,” said JoAnna Strother, director of advocacy of the American Lung Association in Nevada. "We have seen a 12 percent decrease in ozone since 2007. With a failing grade from the American Lung Association, there's still some work to do to improve Clark County's air. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Nationwide, the best progress in this year’s report came in reducing year-round levels of particle pollution. Pollutants, wildfires, and hot temperatures create a perfect oven for ozone air pollution. In a newly published study, the NRDC says ozone air pollution led to 97 premature deaths, 114 hospital admissions, and $898 million in health costs in just one year in Nevada. Dr. Constantine George says his patients with pulmonary and respiratory issues are in more frequently on days with bad air quality. “Las Vegas residents should be aware that we’re breathing unhealthy air, placing our health and lives at risk,” said American Lung Association director of advocacy JoAnna Strother. "The more we understand about the risks of exposure, the more evidence and reason we have to urgently act to address the underlying problem," Limaye said. “Particle pollution is made of soot or tiny particles that come from coal-fired power plants, diesel emissions, wildfires and wood-burning devices. Stop smoking for good - don't switch to vaping. LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Air pollution is taking a toll on our health and our wallets. Among the top-ten biggest population centers in the United States, the Las Vegas metropolitan area is near the top in bad air. Each year the “State of the Air” provides a report card on the two most widespread outdoor air pollutants, ozone pollution, also known as smog, and particle pollution, also called soot. The annual air quality “report card” tracks Americans’ exposure to unhealthful levels of ozone or particle pollution, both of which can be deadly. Join over 500,000 people who receive the latest news about lung health, including COVID-19, research, air quality, inspiring stories and resources. An Angel Moroni statue sits on top of a spire on the Las Vegas Nevada Temple overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, Thursday, June 28, 2018, in Las Vegas. She disagrees with the Trump administration's efforts to roll back smog standards and clean car standards. A newly published study says air pollution costs Nevadans millions in health costs. Want updates on the latest lung health news, including COVID-19 updates, research, inspiring stories and health information? Leavitt says the country needs to be strengthening air quality standards. She said there is evidence that when air pollution is at the level that the EPA deems acceptable there are still impacts on public health. Las Vegas has the perfect mix to create ozone, Nolen said. This report documents how warmer temperatures brought by climate change make ozone more likely to form and harder to clean up.


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