we're going on a bear hunt learning objectives
These ideas are taken from the We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Talk and Play Story Pack by Jane Bunting. Equipping your cave Suggest they take photographs or draw pictures of the places that they collect the mud from, and write labels to tell others what it is like. 2. This will not only show the children how much you value their play, but will also enable you to model and encourage particular language structures and to demonstrate ways in which language can be used. Spring is coming and bears will begin to stir and awaken from hibernation. They could use fine black felt-tip pens to draw the outlines first. Published by Yellow Door, this resource includes a guide full of story-related activities, eight large plastic story cards, a game and a Resources CD with additional support materials. When the children have finished, tell them about the ways in which mud has sometimes been used in hot climates to make bricks for houses. We’re going on a Bear Hunt big A4 environments (grass, river, mud, snowstorm, forest, cave) story_sequencing_colour We’re going on a Bear Hunt stickpuppets stickpuppets If you are looking for a We’re going on a Bear Hunt lesson plan, activities and ideas, you should have a look at our Bear Hunt Lesson plan ! %���� 3 0 obj <>>> endobj Once children have got to know We’re Going on a Bear Hunt well by hearing it read aloud and through acting it out, they will enjoy concrete opportunities to explore and investigate some of the story’s ideas for themselves…. 2 0 obj Provide wicker containers for them to collect and sort the grasses into. %PDF-1.5 <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Connecting teachers with free learning resources and expert knowledge to inspire children about sustainability through National Curriculum learning, Subject: Cross Curricular Duration: 60mins, Subject: Cross Curricular Duration: 30mins. ֌�]J��ruW�#�)�9!���:K�|�=羑y��酙GA��i߮�4� �Q7����#zDR������_���ϯ� S��A늃0i��,+����e.�߉_& Ɂ&E" 4.2 10 customer reviews. Carefully document and record its progress with photographs and drawings. Free. and ensure a rich array of open-ended and flexible resources are available for children to choose from, such as large pieces of cardboard and netting for children to weave through or to attach other materials to. Select and use appropriate registers for effective communication. With the children’s help, collect together different sorts of soil from different places, using plastic washing-up bowls to collect each sample. Write another story where a family visit different places and have to rush back through them after they discover something exciting! Use the well loved story, We're Going on a Bear Hunt, to build confidence in descriptive language. Where do they think they can find it? Students will enjoy learning how to use comprehension strategies to fully engage with this fast-paced story of imaginary adventure. Once the grasses have been collected, try the following activities: ● Make textured pictures, laying the grasses out on cartridge paper. Preview and details Files included (1) docx, 25 KB. And the book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen is a fun read aloud for your preschoolers.. Talk together with them to share ideas about how this might be done, for example, what do you think the bear’s den would be like? Speak audibly and fluently with an increasing command of Standard English. Ask the children to test each bowl of mud in turn to create their own pies, then use a range of materials to decorate and embellish the pies. List the suggestions together on a chart or make a mind map. It offers them an immediate route into another world and an opportunity to try out what it might be like to be somebody, or something, completely different. Suggest to the children that they carry out a scientific investigation to find out what makes the best mud. x���6�x��n��4��t���-16YrH�i�_��@�Ak-���mQ�9������c�j�۷o.۶Xݕk����������|�sq[m���m/.������ë�7蘿2����ՙ!��"N�D�4O�H|��Q?������Y(n�Sf>������X�[|�۫� �����x��j׶��9r��,Є���o�e��.բ���%���zQ�M����y�X��=�_T�$��� L\� &&��z�/�m[�by����K s�����eqN=���� The children will have lots of practical suggestions for how their role-play area should be equipped and the sort of practical things that they will need for their play. Talk with the children about what they see happening as they mix the mud: ● Are the different mud samples the same colour? <> Build the bear’s cave Play the 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' game. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – Activity Pack. Loading... Save for later. Gain, maintain and monitor the interest of the listener(s). 1. Challenge the children to hunt around to find grasses that are different from each other in some way, for example, in colour, thickness, length and smell. Suggest the children test out how good each of the mud samples is for making mud pies. Can you design your own game based on this, or another, book and write some instructions showing others how to play it? We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is a fantastic, memorable romp of a story that sweeps children up in the adventure from the very first line. It is a fun story and will keep the kids' attention. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is the story of a family who bravely splashes through a river, squelches through the mud, and stumbles through the forest on their quest to catch a big bear. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt © Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury 1989. Plant some grass seed both inside and outside and watch the grass grow. <> “Going on a Bear Hunt” is a great traditional action activity. Before they begin, use shared writing to list the characteristics of a good mud pie. 4 0 obj Join in the play Marvellous mud pies Although it is never easy to stand back, try not to direct the construction too much; instead, work alongside the children, guiding them with the help of a well-judged question or suggestion. Why? Will it be a troll, a fairy, a frog or something else? ��� ● Challenge children to mix the exact colour green as their grasses using watercolour paint or pastels to create a picture. Hari’s World – Teaching children about Safety Awareness in fun, exciting and imaginative ways! Once the book has been introduced and re-read a few times, suggest to the children that they might like to change the role-play area to fit with this story world. Jane Bunting offers creative ideas to get the most from We’re Going on a Bear Hunt…. Whether you are exploring a bears theme or just following up after reading the book, check out these bear hunt activities for your classroom. Use the well loved story, We're Going on a Bear Hunt, to build confidence in descriptive language. Best introduced in a wonderful sensory environment such as a woodland, shore line or meadow, this lesson will encourage children to broaden their descriptive language and confidence as story tellers and story writers. Created: Mar 28, 2013 | Updated: Sep 15, 2013. endobj Written by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury, this well-loved picture book provides the perfect opportunity to explore things on a bigger scale both indoors and out. Try not to respond too quickly to any one suggestion, although you may recognise that it may be the most easily realisable idea. ● Does some soil make better mud than others? We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen is one of the best books to read with kids. Show them pictures such as that of the great mosque of Djenné in central Mali (you can download a free photo of the mosque on this page). 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