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We dedicate this single to him and his wonderful, carefree spirit." “It kind of developed more into a shop as the word spread.”.

If you really, really need your record to live in the red, we will cut it for you but we will charge additional fees as high volume cutting increases wear and tear on our equipment. Most Valuable Records . Most Valuable Records . “The down side to eBay is what I call the ‘triple dip down’; you pay commission to eBay followed by a fee to PayPal plus an additional fee to the local bank.

As the government continues to grapple with the troubles facing the airline, it would do well to keep on eye on the impending Denel implosion, Despite 6 300 ANC cadres working in government, the party’s integrity committee has done little to deal with its accused members, A simple model shows how complacency in South Africa will cause the number of infections to go on an upward trend again, Kenyan farmers say theft of their crop is endemic – and they suspect collusion, The outgoing vice-chancellor’s term has been extended to April to allow for a smooth hand-over, Lesotho has been used as a microcosm in this article to reflect how the foreign policy has affected Africa, RecordMad, a vinyl retail store in Linden, Johannesburg, Vinyl Junkie in Blairgowrie, Johannesburg, please consider taking out a subscription. “The going price for a copy in very good condition should be around R300-R400, but some sellers are charging in excess of R1 000 for crap copies,” he says. I was going to have to seriously purge. 59 Fourth Avenue,

R150. Last Month Top 50., Sample credits ... Joan Jett and the Blackhearts 7" Single I Love Rock 'N Roll Vinyl Record DJ Classic. What Is The Value Of Your Vinyl Records ? Browse our current catalog to get the vinyl you need, check back often for new arrivals and let us know if the vinyl you want isn't in stock. We love records - what about you? Search our archive of more than 20 Million auction results .

Mandisi Nkomo, Catalogue #: EOW2017.9 2-50 copies of a cut and packaged 7", with a maximum running time of 4 minutes per side. Did I need every Bob Dylan album he ever made on vinyl or just the ones I listened to? Have an idea for a novel gift? We buy sell and trade anything vinyl related. Using publicly available research data I have mapped the sonic environments of cows, sheep, pigs and chickens and transformed them from soundscapes of suffering and death into something else. Haridwar i (Evening) “I use eBay for the really collectable records, mainly classic rock & jazz as well as certain South African records as the auction process generally pushes the fetching price up,” says Mudie. Contour Vinyl is a lathe cutting collective based in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Cut off everything under 40Hz and above 12kHz. Side B: Field recordings froman installation in the Oslo Utmark forest (2016). Unamplified musical events, today, are rare to the point of extinction, especially as far as performances are concerned; 'home music' is practically non-existent without the loudspeaker. You can see some of our releases here. Roxanne de Frietas Catalogue #: EOW2017.5 Mudie says he remembers finding a white label acetate with the words “The Beatles” written in pen on the label.

“There is also the issue of international postal delivery times, which can be lengthy, as well as the occasional missing order,” he says. Dolly Dollycore may be Dolly Turing and a multi-everything process, transformation instigator, sound explorer, poet, collection of entities, magician and improvisor, currently based in Brighton, UK.

I have also captured the aural density of their environments - the decibel levels and amounts of variation - and used this to control various dynamics within each piece. Credits Welcome to Record Mad. Hope you enjoy your time in our virtual shop and feel free to drop in at our store in Linden for a genuine record store experience. Bethany Reiveich

Can you cut a copy of my favourite album?

Now I had to get rid of them. Some that I approached declined to talk about their trading. side B: Sound of the Eye.

By simultaneously recording the sounds of construction, both through the medium of construction (wet clay), and through the tuned internal environment (the inside of the speaker-instrument), as well as pre-recorded and re-composed, minimally effected, sounds of finding, collecting, and processing clay to ceramic, and feeding back various parts of this sound world into the amplifying circuitry, both outside events to the inside and inside events to the outside, a very rich and interesting, self-referencing and origin-investigating layering of sound is generated.

R150, side A: Surrender

But we did win some fans, among them Carl Johnson of established band Not Even The TV, who took us to the TV’s farm outside East London to record a handful of songs in two day-long sessions. It was terrifying. We will consider cutting full length albums but only in very small runs and at a higher cost per unit. → Click here for actual informations of our shipping partner DHL. Here are a few of our favourite spots in, When you find yourself in the streets of Maboneng, make sure to pop into. 57 vinyl rolls Listings in South Africa on Value Forest. “Thinking it was one of the long lost and mythical acetates that one reads about, I could just about see the dollar signs,” he says.

$ 107 max 88 found . My biggest order from a customer was 45 records for a fee of R8 904.50.

So what has been the record whose selling price surprised him the most? The space originally housed Fresh Music, his record label, as well as the online store. Yes. We try to get all orders posted within 2-4 weeks of receiving the original tracks, depending on our backlog.

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“These days, buyers are five times more likely to put a vinyl …

Stuart acknowledges that there has been an upward trend in pricing over the last few years. Our shop in Linden carries a wide range of genres and our online store caters to all music lovers.

Because of this, I employ algorithmic processes for much of my work, writing software that transforms data and movement into sonic parameters. Contour Vinyl is a lathe cutting collective based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Smoky bars, blue notes and swaying moves are not the stuff of the new attitude to jazz sounds. Mudie says there is also a lot of greed in the market, particularly around records such as Cold Fact by Rodriguez. R150, side A: Carrying Pearsonii with Me But he maintains the kicker is having good records to sell. My brother had been doing it for a while, selling off old records to rabid collectors. He said it’s surprising what people pay for records these days, “especially when you set them against each other in bidding wars.”. Side B: Abel's Fable.

Permanently more than 70,000 articles in stock. The excess records piled up. If this changes in the near future, we'll let you know. “Sadly for me it was blank.”. Two pieces of experimental poetry by artist Hanan Benammar. Everything under 300Hz must be mono. Lathe cutting is an artisanal process best suited to runs of between 1-50 units. “It was, in my mind, a storeroom for vinyl I was selling online,” says Stuart. We only accept uploaded 44k 16 bit stereo WAV files, no exceptions. 18-Sep-2020. The loudspeaker, in my chosen context of “generalised music”, which tentatively leans on the mathematical concept of “distributions” or “generalised functions”, is the actual object giving rise to the kinds of air vibrations that we refer to as 'music'. Not specifically a record store, this pop-up market deserves a mention nonetheless. He says a copy of Wildebeest’s Bushrock 1 went for an unexpected high price. Last Week ... peter Tosh mama Africa $ 247 max 45 found . Browse our current catalog to get the vinyl you need, check back often for new arrivals and let us know if the vinyl you want isn't in stock.

(+27) 083 324 8778, As Is / Lliezel Ellick, Nonentia and Örpherischt. We also run a small label specialising in alternative, experimental and forgotten music.

Limited to 30 copies and packaged with liner notes written by the band, as well as a lyric sheet, button badges and a reproduction of an old gig flier. Note: each copy of this 12" contains a unique variation of the composition, algorithmically generated in a random key. Serious vinyl collectors will know that moving house is a major chore.

The best in vinyl. Sold for 26.94 USD on 18 Oct 2020 (Buy It Now) Vinyl. I decided to give it a try.

I was thinking along the lines of a stand at a market, but my brother said I should consider bidorbuy.

R 110. Lathe cutting is an artisanal process best suited to runs of between 1-50 units. side B: Lliezel Ellick, nonentia and Örpherischt - Risk. Visit our store Shop G14/D, 44 Stanley, Johannesburg. We also import new records and will do our best to source something for you if we don’t have it in stock. Mudie has also opened his own store, Vinyl Junkie in Blairgowrie, Johannesburg. We buy and sell records and 7 inch singles. Release: 2017

Note: Each 12" contains a unique, algorithmically generated version of the Factory Farm Studies EP and is housed in a unique print. Cape Town. The gestural piano in this track overlays a radio play by Antonin Artaud, To Be Done with the Judgment of God. Use the form to estimate how much your order will cost. Record Mad stocks a wide range of New and Secondhand LPs. Frontman Marc Feltham, who began with just two strings on his guitar, made up for what he lacked in proficiency by “screaming and spitting out the words, daring the audience to take umbrage and get up and leave,” as songwriter Graeme Feltham put it.

As we hand craft each record in real-time, however, they will all look and sound a tiny bit unique – you can expect a couple of crackles and some surface noise, and each runout groove sounds different. Niklas Zimmer side B: Scabrous Affront of Kinetic Expression. The band formed in Grahamstown in 1986, just after PW Botha’s State of Emergency. SOLD OUT, Side A: Death Carol


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