united american patriots

UPA Report 2.24.19 DNC delegates drop ‘under God’ from Pledge of Allegiance. Nothing will preserve liberty but downright force. In Virginia watch the UN Agenda for disarming America playout. UPA Report 6.04.17 for United Patriots of America.

UPA Report 9.13.15 UPA Report 4.01.18 Antifa attacks NYC GOP club, warns this is only the beginning. A must see video by Ann Corcoran. Syrian Refugee Protest with Overpasses for America video. Republican John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives. White men women and children you are the enemy; on BLM flyer. Missouri couple who defended home have rifle seized during police search, UPA Report 7.5.20 Undermining America: The Refugee Coaliion. UPA Report 9.28.14 Muslims Shouting ‘Praise Allah!’ Surround OK Police Following Beheading Press Conference, UPA Report 9.21.14 A Field trip Report from El Paso, TX. Northstar, a new post election grassroots project. Are Liberals Insane or Just Stupid, UPA Report 9.22.19 The ultimate question: Will Speaker Paul Ryan help Barack Obama resettle 100,000 (or more!)

UPA Report 11.13.16  BOAHICA  Bend Over America Here It Comes Again. Sir Winston Churchill, Speech, 1941, Harrow School. UPA Report 7.06.14   Get Sassy. Trump Set to Keep Guantanamo Bay open.

and the intelligence apparatus, risking all. Watch Sen. Graham slam Dems. BREAK THE CHAINS OF SLAVERY FROM DISTANT LEGISLATURES. Blind Sheik behind 1993 WTC bombing dead. First Muslim Miss USA Converts to Christianity. UPA Report 7.9.16 Muslims pray in front of Trump tower.

UPA Report 9.20.15 Nehlen exposes Paul Ryan. Muslims across the country can now call Iowa home sweet home says Iowa State Representative. FOX NEWS just enforced Sharia law against Judge Jeanine Pirro. UPA Report 9.1.19 What is happening to America.

Free speech under attack as Social Media Purges Conservatives and Christians. Philly cop shot by Islamist / Bundy full press conference from Oregon st. UPA Report 11.20.16

Why Obeying & Enforcing the Law are Critical to Winning our Civil War, UPA Report 10.20.19 Islam is the real threat to America not Russia.
UPA Report 10.11.20 Muslims invited into White House by George Bush after 911 The beginning of the infiltration. Republicans send Trump a Rino sandwich to choke on and sign. Donald Trump was elected President on Friday the 13th the day of the Paris attacks. Romney bad choice for State Dep’t.

Moment Russian Ambassador Shot Dead In Turkey Ankara,Video. Said carry permit is easier to get in NJ now. Donald Trump was elected President on Friday the 13th the day of the Paris attacks. Muslim ‘dominance’ at U.N. a real concern. Violence at Pro Trump rallies in CA. Listen to Trump pick them apart in his press conference.

Robert Levoy Finicum. Oath keepers in NJ designated domestic terrorists by NJ DHS. United American Patriots (UAP) is an American nonprofit organization which advocates and funds legal defense for American service members they believe to have been unjustly convicted and wrongfully imprisoned on war crimes charges. UPA Report 10.06.19 We’ve destroyed a booming economy, turned a record number of jobs into record unemployment numbers, and given up our basic tenets of liberty — all so we won’t get sick? Pentagon directed to house 20,000 migrant children in U.S. military bases. Message from the Militias to President Trump, UPA Report 7.12.20 Part 2 Linda Sarsour and CAIR’s top gun Nihad Awad, among those arrested on Capitol Hill this week. FEDERAL JUDGE Accuses Mueller of LYING, Trying To Target and Impeach Trump. UPA Report 6.16.19

Billboard says “Kill the NRA”. UPA Report 4.05.15 Pres. Patterson, N.J. Gets Muslim Islamic Call to Prayer Over Loudspeakers, UPA Report 2.23.20 Sweden close to collapse. https://www.unitedpatriotsofamerica.com/?p=477, Historic! UPA Report 7.15.18 I’m not willing to let Muslims rape and kill me, just to prove how tolerant I am. Oath Keepers Offers Protection to ICE and Border Patrol Families After Leftist Threats, UPA Report 7.1.18 The left wants war-and they are going to get it.

While Trump crackdowns on the border and illegals, Blue States and lefty Judges crack down on our gun rights. Sign up with the RTR social network. UPA Report 7.30.17 

Virginia Gun Owners take action. Trump sends global message with missile strike. Christie lies to nation.

New documentation. Details on the Organized Destruction of America. In a post 911 world poorly secured borders does not provide us with good “homeland security”. TRUMP LOCKER ROOM COMMENTS: IS HE ALONE WITH THE POTTY TALK? UPA Report 3.12.17 

Antifa Reality check & Why Remember 9/11 If We Are Not Honoring the Dead By Avenging Their Deaths? Muslims march in DC and Isis celebrates fires in CA, UPA Report 10.15.17 LITCHFIELD — Patriotism and support for law enforcement were the themes of a rally that drew a crowd of about 200 to the Green on Saturday. [25] According to the SPLC, the "explosive growth seems to have been driven by the election of our first black president and the approaching loss of a white majority in the U.S. that he represents.


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