sonoran sidewinder
Watch out for snakes, although mountain bikes usually make enough noise to keep them away from trails. preserve patrol often requiring dogs to be on leash, Great loop and so close to home. Its supraoculars (triangular projections over each eye) are pointed and upturned giving them a horn-like appearance --thus its nickname, the horned rattlesnake. This pit viper (subfamily Crotalinae) has small horns above each eye, possibly to keep sand from covering the eyes when the snake is buried. The Sidewinder Trail is the longest trail in the northern section of the Phoenix Sonoran Preserve and goes over the highest hill. At 5.2 miles, it's a great workout and not too strenous, highly recommend. No description for SIdewinder trail has been added yet! Beautiful trail with hardly any other hikers! The trail is popular so expect to have a lot of people on the trail. No facilities, limited dirt area for parking (not an official car park). Bring lots of water. facilities. Definitely not as easy as I thought. Nice ride… moderate with moderately difficult ascents and descents. It's well maintained and not too challenging. There are some nice views but, given all of the growth in the area, it's hard to not see houses or roads. There is no water at the trailhead or on the trail - take at least 2 liters! The body is typically a sandy tan, gray, or cream color and is patterned with dark blotches of brown or grey on the back and sides. moderate Trail, at times a bit difficult. Please consider joining or donating to the local trail association to support. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. It was my fault. Great trail with hardly any people. But still pretty solid. Just far enough away from it all to feel like you're away. There is also no shade available. We picked up this trail off Dove Valley Road. Trail was good. When sidewinding, the sidewinder throws a loop of its body in the direction that it wants to travel, and then pulls the rest of its body to the loop and repeats the process. one of my favorite hikes. Roughly 30 minutes north of Central Phoenix. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. SIdewinder mountain biking trail in Phoenix Sonoran Preserve, Arizona. Mature adults grow 18 to 32 inches in length. It is the northern most of the two main trails in this area and has the most hills as it meanders between its easternmost trail head and the parking at Carefree Highway and 7th Avenue. The Sonoran Desert Sidewinder looks as if it has horns over its eyes and is sometimes called the horned rattlesnake. Walk it, run or bike it, you can easily change the difficulty of this hike simply by changing how you hike it. The loop is roughly five miles or so. A little slippery from the rain a few days ago. Park opens at 5:00 am, maintained trails & washrooms on site, Enjoy! Three subspecies are currently recognized. My first ever trail run and it kick my butt. I left excited for future trail runs. It also has a dark eye strip extending back along its head. Not much shade. Just another WordPress site . Beautiful location, awesome scenery and not too crowded like other trails so it's a more peaceful hike and it's easy to find parking. I'd rate this trail a four if I was not spoiled by other trails in the area with better views and fewer people. On average it takes 51 minutes to complete this trail. Loved the fact that there were facilities at Carefree Hwy, where we took a breather and watched the sun set. 11.1 km blue singletrack trail. The trailer is not very populated so it makes for a good hike if you're looking for a location that is less crowded. Very well marked and quite an easy trail. We took our dog and she enjoyed it. Sidewinder (Crotalus cerastes) The sidewinder is usually found in sandy areas of the Sonoran Desert, where their unique form of locomotion comes in most handy. Hiked this trail two times in early Sept. Colors indicate trail is missing specified detail. Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine the last time a trail was ridden. From I17 take Carefree Hwy east for about 3 miles. This sidewinder is light in color -- tan, cream, pink, gray or sandy, with darker patches on its back of gray, yellow or tan. I love this trail! This mountain bike primary trail can be used both directions and has a moderate overall physical rating with a 1,081 ft blue climb. The sidewinder (Crotalus cerastes) is a rattlesnake. I do this one every 2-3 days or so. I’ll be back, Love this trail! Trailforks scans users ridelogs to determine the most popular direction each trail is ridden. Beautiful views! They built a new parking lot awhile back and common area, it's really nice! I did this hike later in the evening and the golden hour was gorgeous. The intended direction a trail should be ridden. 100s of reasons way this is an amazing trail, Beautiful hike! The Ocotillo part of the trail is relatively flat and the Sidewinder part has some good elevation changes. Great Sonoran Desert scenery and views. Submit one here. Nice hike, beautiful views on parts of it, for very accessible and nice parking area and decent trailhead. The sidewinder has rough, keeled scales, which aid in its unique sidewinding locomotion. And yes, It's easy enough for my pug to do with me ;). Sidewinder and Ocotillo Trail Loop is a 8.4 kilometer heavily trafficked loop trail located near Cave Creek, Arizona that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The Ocotillo trail gets close to Dove Valley road in a few places, other than that you are well into the desert. This loop can get busy with mountain bikes and has some moderate elevation changes on the sidewinder part of the trail. Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine which trails are ridden the most in the last 9 months. The Sidewinder Trail, as the name depicts, is a switch-back trail on the south facing side of the hill and approximates a ridge ride compared to the more mellow Ocotillo Trail. The sidewinder (Crotalus cerastes), also known as the horned rattlesnake and sidewinder rattlesnake, is a venomous pit viper species belonging to the genus Crotalus (rattlesnakes) and is found in the desert regions of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico.The sidewinder reaches speeds of up to 18 mph (29 km/h). Trails are compared with nearby trails in the same city region with a possible 25 colour shades. This loop starts at Carefree Hwy and 7th Ave. It is a nocturnal inhabitant of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico (see Sonoran Desert), where it feeds upon rodents. 1988 - 2020 Sonoran Sidewinders Football A good flowing trail network will have most trails flowing in a single direction according to their intension. SIdewinder is a highly rated 7 mile popular blue singletrack scenic trail located near Phoenix Arizona. Think of this as a heatmap, more rides = more kinetic energy = warmer colors. Space for parking is on the south side of Carefree Hwy just before 7th Ave. 10-15-20 Beautiful Sunrise Hike w/Hot Air Balloons over the horizon!!! The Ocotillo part of the trail is relatively flat and the Sidewinder part has some good elevation changes. Turn off your ad blocker to see a map of this trail, Sidewinder, Apache Vista, Ocotillo Loop Trail, Ocotillo, Apache Wash and Sidewinder Loop, Ridgeback Trail and Apache Wash/Sidewinder Loop, Brawling Badger to Cliff Walk to Esplanade to Sidewinder Loop. Got off track at one point. This loop can get busy with mountain bikes and has some moderate elevation changes on the sidewinder part of the trail. This loop starts at Carefree Hwy and 7th Ave. Loved it, went counterclockwise, enjoyed the uphill on the back side, Sidewinder trail...will definitely do this one again. These horns are actually upturned scales, and are not truly horns. Not much shade, however excellent scenery with a nice breeze. Great Sonoran Desert scenery and views.


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