sagittarius next month horoscope
You are right where you belong with a psychic love reading. #page_title { $('.horoscope-widget-nav').click(function () { At work, someone with an outsized ego might make everyone’s life miserable if given free reign. Tend to your wellbeing when the Sun moves into Scorpio and your restorative twelfth house on Thursday, October 22. On the other hand, caution is recommended on the 14th and 15th. On Thursday, October 1, the only Aries full moon of the year sends white-hot energy through your fifth house of passion and self-expression. Cancer Pay close attention to dreams, passing thoughts that feel “guided” and whatever your imagination throws your way. Somehow, your optimistic sign manages to find enough ebullience and contagious enthusiasm for others, even if you have to dig deep for it. // Close the dropdowns if the user clicks outside of them On Friday, October 9, Pluto will lock into a tense standoff with rash Mars, which is now retrograde in your fifth house of creativity and passion. Love February: 1st decan:You definitely do not lack any ideas (on the 5th) to free yourself from the loads that weigh you down in your family. toggleDropdownContent(this, true); Aquarius Let's bet, however, that you still have trouble deciding (on the 17th). You will have a radiance that could play well in your favor (the 14th and 17th), but if you persist in asking more than one seems willing to grant you, beware of the consequences (the 21st, 23rd, and 24th). Enough to put a smile on your lips and a little extra in your wallet. You could easily get overwhelmed from all the juggling and drop a few balls, or just want to scream with frustration. So, no question to rush but to dig deeper to determine if your options are excellent and likely to hold the road. Even you, the zodiac’s rugged individualist, understand the value of having a rock-solid crew. Fortunately, at the end of the month, you have a genuinely buoyant stream that should help you bail out your coffers and enjoy sufficient funds to start building, investing, and reaching a dream. If you’re not seeing eye-to-eye with a client or employer, aim for balance, not total victory. 2nd decan:If the end of January could generate some tensions or misunderstandings with your family, then count on the February sky to relay your hopes and allow you to reach your objectives. If you have started (as of the 6th) debates concerning the management of the daily routine at home or that of your schedule at work, expect the exchanges to drag on a little from the 18th. Find out which crystal matches your sun sign best. Go beyond Sun signs to learn more the planets in your chart, the 12 houses and much more. Week 3: October 19-25Slow down for self-care Overload! Mars is retrograde in your fifth house of passion and expression, which is already setting your temper on edge. Are you struggling to focus on the work at hand? Map out a fair budget and schedule before you start rallying the troops. Choose a trusted colleague to delegate to so you can focus on what’s most important. A time of probable revision of principles and modes of operation which do not stick anymore with the evolution you've accomplished over time. .mouseenter(function () { This is the moment to end discussions that dragged on and alienated you from your relatives. However, do not try to impose your ideas, choices, and decisions without prior consultation on the 27th and 28th, at the risk of disappointing those you love. It’s not Halloween yet—but is your past coming back to haunt you? Daily You risk (the 1st) hitting a wall and starting the month ... frustrated. Traveling side by side with revolutionary Uranus, this lunar lift could inspire you to revamp your eating habits, exercise and overall health and happiness! Fortunately, by the 4th, more frank and friendly discussions with your loved ones should help calm things down. All eyes could be on you today as this lunar lift serves you an extra dose of attention—even celebrity status. Look back a couple months to see what could be coming to a head now.


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