robot invincible
Type of Villain When their escape, and subsequent attempt on the life of their Emperor failed, Rex and Amanda were charged with rebuilding Klaxia alone as punishment. However, the team was betrayed and most of their members murdered. The new team was chosen and the new Guardians were underway. Character » Now much was known about him, other than the fact that he had vast intelligence and some fighting skill. His genius-level intellect allows him to perform such feats as erasing memories, tracking both friends and villains, conducting forensic research, and scanning the records of various institutions. He then created a device to separate them from their host, Rus Livingston, allowing the Guardians to bring him safely back to Earth. After an invasion attempt that the Guardians failed to thwart, Cecil removed Robot from the leadership position and offered it to the Immortal, also bringing Bulletproof into the team. He now wears a powersuit and became friend with Invincible. Robot soon revealed himself as a living creature to the Guardians of the Globe. Robot used the villainous Mauler Twins to place the deformed man's mind into the freshly created body. Shortly after she returned their relationship continued to degrade due, in part, to Rex's inability to give Amanda a child. Robot later wiped the Mauler twin's memory and used him to lead himself, Atom Eve and Invincible to the twins' lair, where they apprehended the Mauler twins. Later, Robot was ordered to the showers by Monster Girl to clean up from his sewer expedition, and there he coughed up a surviving Sequid, which he promptly killed. In Issue 108, Robot betrayed Invincible by trapping him in a parallel dimension, stating that he knows that he will never allow Robot's plan for world domination. Occupation He was a superhero and a member of the Guradians of the Globe but he became a villain during the course of the Invincible series. Full Name Rudy “Robot” Conners possesses a scientific intellect of genius level, surpassing that of any know or intellectual besides the Mauler twins. toxin45 He has made discoveries that reach beyond the scope of contemporary science. every corner of earth is ravaged by the war between mark grayson and robot! I really just came up with the know-it-all personality to go with the design. Robot a.k.a. As one of few senior heroes left, Robot became the leader of the team. He enlisted the help of the Mauler twins to help implant his mind into the clone, which was engineered to be younger than Rex, but in the end Rudy ended up as two beings, one mind in the Rex clone and another in the original body. He was a superhero and a member of the Guradians of the Globe but he became a villain during the course of the Invincible series. In Issue 70, during the second Sequid invasion, Robot realized that the One Mind must have an extra host hiding somewhere and went down into the sewers to investigate. Robot is most likely based on Lex Luthor from DC comics. Robot is voiced by Stan Kirsch in the motion comic of Invincible. The two went to see movies and went on dates and eventually became very close. Prior to the first issue of Invincible, Robot was the leader and founder of the Teen Team. In Invincible Ultimate Collection #1 Robert Kirkman says. Sure enough, he found a man infested with Sequids and was able to fend the aliens off and transport himself and the man used as a host to safety. The reason for Robot's lack of focus was soon revealed; Robot was not, after all, a robot. While Robot can be destroyed, he can easily be rebuilt or re-created. Immediately afterwards, Rudy (his mind inside the new body, which was a juvenile clone of Rex Splode) allowed his deformed alter-ego to die. Robot is a fictional superhero turned supervillain appearing in the comic book Invincible, which is published by Image Comics. They where captured and Imprisoned by the Flaxans almost immediately after they entered their dimension, but due to how time passed slower for them than for the Flaxans he was able to plan an escape over the course of twenty years. With the death of the Guardians of the Globe at the hands of Omni-man, Robot was appointed leader of a new team by Cecil Stedman and told to hold trials for new members. After years passed Amanda became lonely in Rex's absence, and gave Zall a child through her Monster form, though she was unaware that it was actually possible, but when the twins mounted an attack on another dimension Amanda freed Rex and together they foiled the twin's invasion attempt. Alias The technology was extremely advanced, almost other-wordly, and Rudy was unable to determine who was monitoring Invincible. Robot still lives and is now being watched over by Immortal man in case he ever tries anything. Take over the world and make it a better place.


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