respect in a sentence
"Do demons have to pretend to respect a human's free will like Immortals do?". With respect to luxuries and comforts, the wisest have ever lived a more simple and meagre life than the poor. In both respects he was to be widely followed. In this respect the Asiatic species differs very widely from its African relative, whose nutriment is largely composed of boughs and roots. His service in congress from 1831 until his death is, in some respects, the most noteworthy part of his career. Gsell, Essai sur le reg g e de l'empereur Domitien (1894), very complete in every respect; H. A further act was passed in 1906 (the Agricultural Holdings Act 1906) which improved the tenant's position in respect of freedom of cropping, disposal of produce and compensation for disturbance. The concentration of the simple copper ions is then so much diminished that the copper plate becomes an anode with regard to zinc. the Gasteropod Capulus, whilst most of the invertebrate classes were represented in the Ordovician by forms which do not differ from their existing representatives in any important respect. In subsequent eras the potters of King-te-chen did not fail to continue this remarkable manufacture, but its only Japanese representative was a porcelain distinctly inferior In more than one respect, namely, the egg-shell utensils of Hizen and Hirado, some of which had finely woven basket-cases to protect their extreme fragility. A cause is that which contains the effect (" causa aequat effectum "), but this is precisely what can never be proved with respect to anything that is claimed as a real cause in the concrete world. This result, accruing from British intervention, was in some respects similar to that exerted by Napoleon on the Italians of the mainland. As a pastoral writer ("in some respects the best in the world," according to Leigh Hunt) he contributed, at an early stage, to the naturalistic reaction of the 18th century. (3) Even in civil matters villeins were deemed free as regards third persons. But later Jewish exegesis was especially concerned to eliminate everything in the sacred writings that might give rise to misconception with respect to God on the part of the unlearned. (5) It was the duty of the prophets to follow in all respects the example of the Lord (')(av Toic Tpolrous Tov Kuplov), and to put in practice what they preached. But just at moments when such thoughts occurred to him, he would ask in a particularly calm and absent-minded way, which inspired the respect of the onlookers, Will it be long? Hadrian's policy in this respect was matched later on by the edict of the caliph Omar (c. 638), who, like his Roman prototype, prevented the Jews from settling in the capital of their ancient country. This form of patent differs in but few respects from the earlier Latin patents - tempore Henry VIII. In many most important respects no two men could be more unlike; but, for the present, Carlyle seems to have seen in Goethe a proof that it was possible to reject outworn dogmas without sinking into materialism. Horn in many respects greatly resembled his contemporary Walpole. in other respects the rendering is faithful and idiomatic. These gilds would, where they existed, no doubt also influence the management of town affairs; but nowhere has the Rat, as used to be thought, developed out of a gild, nor has the latter anywhere in Germany played a part at all similar in importance to that of the English gild merchant, the only exception being for a time the Richerzeche, or Gild of the Rich of Cologne, from early times by far the largest, the richest, and the most important trading centre among German cities, and therefore provided with an administration more complex, and in some respects more primitive, than any other. In some respects he suggests a comparison with Jordanes, but in learning and literary honesty is greatly the superior of the Goth. He stalked past her, waiting for the moment he could release the pent up fury and magic. These two last-mentioned weapons have the look of highly developed savage forms, while on the other hand the military organization was in some respects equal to that of an Asiatic nation, with its regular companies commanded each by its captain and provided with its standard. After his cousin Gustavus Adolphus, whom in many respects he strikingly resembled, he was indubitably the most amiable and brilliant of all the princes of the House of Vasa. The treatise opens with an able sketch of psychology, founded upon, but in some important respects varying from, Aristotle's De Anima. Such unity as they possess is a unity of tendency and endeavour; in some respects the final form they assumed is the least satisfactory. His favorable elocution won him the respect of many. The Holy Roman Empire itself was in some respects an agent for the preservation of peace among its constituent states. If salted in the proper way, they would doubtless be in all respects equal to Dutch anchovies, if not to those imported from Italy. In many respects the resemblance between Verona and Florence is very striking; in both cases we have a strongly fortified city built in a fertile valley, on the banks of a winding river, with suburbs on higher ground, rising close above the main city. Corals and other quick-growing cal- careous marine organisms are the most powerful in this respect by creating new land in the ocean. In many respects no two men could be more unlike than Severus, the scholar and orator, well versed in the ways of the world, and Martin, the rough Pannonian bishop,. The so-called exedra of Herodes Atticus (which answers in all respects to a nymphaeum in the Roman style), the nymphaeum in the palace of Domitian and those in the villa of Hadrian at Tibur (five in number) may be specially mentioned. With respect to wit, I learned that there was not much difference between the half and the whole. west-north-west of Mostar to the bend of the river Narenta, differs in many respects from the larger territory. But, under the guise of a restoration on conservative lines, Ultramontanism - notwithstanding the totally different conditions which now obtain - girds itself to work for an ideal of religion and culture in vogue during the middle ages, and at the same time holds itself justified in adopting the extreme point of view with respect to all questions which we have mentioned. It accepted the Brenner as a fair strategic line on the north, but argued that the Treaty of London was no longer applicable in respect of Italy's eastern frontier, since the line which it traced was designed to secure Italy against future Austro-Hungarian aggression, and AustriaHungary had by now ceased to exist.


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