onedrive tags missing


This returns a feature that was removed in June 2011. We should not have to download every file in order to get the descriptive tags to display. As of October 2015, this has now seems to have been fixed. Unfortunately the main competitors (Google Drive and Amazon Cloud Photos) are worse, and do not display tag information at all. Good to hear that! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. on my Surace Pro 4. Thread starter Juan Montero Corrales; Start date Jul 21, 2020; Jul 21, 2020 #1 J. Juan Montero Corrales . Good luck in finding the tag you want in a long list. - edited I used to carry around a handheld GPS, now I use an iOS app called GeotagPhotos which continuously logs my location when I shoot with my DSLR which I later use to sync location. When will I have this program back up? Attachments: Up to 10 attachments (including images) can be used with a maximum of 3.0 MiB each and 30.0 MiB total. Geoff, Have you tried adding a caption and tags using the OneDrive web version and checking with Windows File Explorer if that information gets “demoted” back to the file on the PC? Perhaps it would, but I think the real solution is to have a search service in OneDrive that indexes metadata, not just filenames as at present.

I see that a new cache folder (called 'cache') has automatically been created. It now can also recognize objects in a photo, as another way to find the picture you want. If this is occurring, then the photo should be synced to the online copy. On my PC, I use a freeware app called GeoSetter to add or edit the lat/long, altitude, IPTC Country, IPTC State/Province, IPTC City and IPTC Sublocation values.

Question: if I cannot use the “Add tag” feature in OneDrive, is there any way to update the metadata without downloading, updating metadata, and re-uploading all of the files?

OneDrive automatically creates tags for things it recognizes. And some of them have it for same tenant. EXIF tool is a great tool for reading and manipulating data. I subscribed to Office 365 this year, and I want to see if it is worth re-subscribing to next year.

@Sumit Kumarfor us its working now. Do you have your notebooks stored on OneDrive?

a) it takes a long time to load the list of existing tags (too long), and b) the tags are ordered, not alphabetically, which would make sense, but by frequency of use. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Well I wouldnt hold my breath. Manage security, backup, and restore options for your files and photos. Editing reverses this in some cases, as Geoff said: geotags sometimes became visible again.

I'm not sure, but maybe it can be removed via group policy. >>If this problem arises again on my Surface Pro 4, shall I just do the same thing again?

Explore OneDrive. Got feedback?

I was thinking: People tags are nothing but fields, its a database isnt it? I agree with the design decision not to sync automatic tags, only tags added by the user. That first sample photo has a descriptive tag “clouds” in it (to be strictly correct, it has a hierarchical tag Objects/built environment/settlements and landscapes/skyscapes/clouds), but doing a search for it in OneDrive produces no results: According to Microsoft’s Omar Shahine: “this work just ranks lower on the priority list than some other things we are doing right now”. replied to Christophe Humbert ‎08-22-2018 08:43 PM. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

I only hope the functionality will come back better in OneDrive (cautious optimism). Add geotags to a photo that doesn’t have any? The metadata got synced to the OneDrive web version (and I saw the tags there via a web browser). It works only once. Change ).

Check in about 6 hours; you should be able to play with the new features. friends and relations), cannot search your photos using keywords/tags. Look for an extra folder named "OneDrive" or "SkyDrive," that has an older Date created or Date modified, and search for the missing files and folders in it. People Tags and Geo Tags are saved as XMP Metadata (within the file), which is great since the data travels with the photo.

my iPhone, Nikon AW100 with GPS), may have some degree of inaccuracy. I am trying to enable it for the first time. Microsoft opened a Uservoice page for taking suggestions for Windows 10 improvements.

If you find that other people routinely need to use metadata for searching in some user's ODfB files shared with them, maybe you should consider using an SPO library instead. While we can’t guarantee any specific features or timelines, we will respond to every suggestion that gets at least 500 votes. Contact Support That’s a pretty drastic workaround, and one that rapidly becomes unworkable for me. Stay protected. Select New album and type a name for the album. Those should indeed then be synced automatically to the cloud. Also, would like to mention that automatic tags are quire impressive. | Geoff Coupe's Blog, Thank you for an informative piece. The AutoSave tab is missing under my OneDrive for Business settings. It would be interesting also if a way could be provided to “review and confirm” the automatic tags, so that they be written back to the file metadata.

(You edit tags by adding or removing them.). The same problem is with search. ‎01-11-2019 Thanks Greg. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. My issue is that I've never had this tab, even in previous versions. Sorry that it’s taking longer than anticipated. it used to be that all I had to do was either start Oleg K .

As for browsing or visualizing geotagged photos. my iPhone, Nkon AW100 with GPS), quite often may have the low degree of accuracy. Thanks Greg! Addendum: A word of warning., Thanks José, I hadn’t realized that there was a Uservoice page for OneDrive. Start collaborating. Is this “by design”? See all photos from the same location . 4 Answers. Helpful article.


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