miraculous ladybug lila akumatized
Keeping her head high, she walked to her seat. she wanted to cry. She's like a supervillain that doesn't even need a costume! " Either way, she’s in pain, she’s hurting, and right now, she just wants others to hurt. I have no idea what would happen..to be honest because she's the guardian...but who knows though. And her parents held her. Get revenge on Ladybug for humiliating her.Steal Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses for Hawk Moth.Make Adrien Agreste fall in love with her so she can be popular as his girlfriend.Destroy Marinette Dupain-Cheng's life (all ongoing). That's what everything came down to, in the end. She is thus disapproving of him being interested in other girls, like Marinette/Ladybug, trying her hardest to sway him out of their line of view. All posts. The English version was released worldwide on June 7, 2019, on the official Miraculous YouTube Channel.[2]. Chat shouted. But if Chloe is killed by an normal human being, then there’s a good chance she’ll actually stay dead. Her civilian self is Lila Rossi, her fourth Akumatization but her second unique form. She also wanted to scream at him, but she couldn't. Lila fled the scene, and an akuma appeared almost immediately after. The school and city undergoes the first permanent akuma damage ever. Chloe took everything from them. “Tikki, we’re skipping class today,” Marinette said. You’ve worked so hard to fix everything.”, “I could be doing better,” Marinette said. Now that will be the second time that the akuma is gonna try to akumatize Marinette. Some of them the same words she had often thought herself. if luka got akumatized from some overrated, unoriginal music artist stealing from marinette and his group (but mostly marinette), wait til he meets lila. ", They all went to comfort her. Adrien might not see Nathalie was that close to his father at that time. Based on Lila's behavior and mindset, she has a classic case of anti-social personality disorder, a mental disorder characterized when a person is unable to feel empathy to others and only understands emotions that affect themselves, such as gratification. Her parents did. “Hawkmoth is the one causing these problems. Despite Ladybug's clear desire to make up for her harsh treatment, Lila has no interest in forgiving her at all, first refusing to be her friend in "Volpina" and later pretending to do so in "Chameleon", while really still wanting to defeat her. I chose her design to be sleek, powerful, and commanding! You’ve allowed this behavior to go on for too long. It could be a flashback episode marinette could have got akumaztied before she became the guardian but that is not really likley. He takes Lila to the Eiffel Tower and threatens to drop her, Ladybug hands Nathaniel the Rooster Miraculous, and he becomes Royt Hon (Yiddish for Red Rooster: Correct me if I’m wrong) He can control night and day, he has those metal claws rings as his weapons (Look up talon claws, you’ll see what I mean), Battle Scene.


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