marine iguana reproduction
al. The ova remain on the ovaries and do not resorb. This, of course, has not been a problem in iguanas. (Note: Iguana eggs do not harden like a bird's egg; they have a leathery texture.) This includes both shell glands and both ovaries. Can't get enough? 47-61. All rights reserved. Mating and egg-laying take place between January and March, the hottest months. Marine Iguana Reproduction. Mature male iguanas have a very typical appearance: broad heads; large, ornate opercular scales; extensive, fanlike gular flap; impressive dorsal spines; and often, especially in breeding season, brilliant colors. I have many clients who have very healthy pet iguanas that are many years old. These can be quite subtle or, if the animal is stressed, quite dramatic. Follow Richard Smith’s under water adventures at If at the time of the eight-week recheck the eggs are now post-ovulatory, or if the patient is doing poorly (lethargic, weight loss, tremors), I recommend hospitalization and attempting to induce oviposition with calcium and oxytocin. In a spay procedure, the surgeon removes the entire reproductive tract. The recommended dose is 1 cc/kg, orally, twice per day. This is a fruit-flavored liquid, and the patients generally take it voluntarily. Pet iguanas have been known to dig up planters in the house in an attempt to build a nest. 3. In post-ovulatory egg-retention, the ova have actually ovulated and then been picked up by the shell glands. Marine iguanas feed exclusively on marine algae, a unique trait among lizards. These marine reptiles encountered terrestrial predators for the first time about 150 years ago. It lays one to four eggs, which take 100 days to hatch. Of particular interest at the moment is the subject of whether it is necessary to spay pet iguanas. They don’t enjoy others being in their home range. From my perspective, I would have to say that the majority of iguana owners have no idea that their pet is gravid (pregnant). "Reproductive biology," from Reptile Medicine and Surgery. The face or snout is also more blunt than with other iguanas so that the mouth can fully reach the rock, as well as the skin in that area being very thick so as not to be scraped by rough rocks. Larger members of the species feed more often by diving at high tide while smaller animals are restricted to intertidal feeding at low tide (Laurie and Brown II 1990). 1982. The bottom line is this: It is important that iguana owners plan ahead. 370-373. Marine iguanas feed exclusively on marine algae. The female marine iguana is receptive to mate for just three weeks per year. They see it as a threat to their own survival. 13. In the second scenario with the healthy female iguana, the ova will eventually ovulate and be transported to the shell gland where they undergo calcification. The most important factor to determine when deciding to manage the iguana medically or surgically is whether it has a pre-ovulatory or post-ovulatory condition. Twelve artificial reefs have…, Stay & Dive Packages in Cozumel & Costa Mujeres, Mexico, France Bans Use of Wild Animals in Marine Parks and Circuses, Polish Divers Find World War II Ship That May Solve A 75-Year-Old Mystery, SeaLife Launches New Underwater Housing for iPhone, Fall Into Paradise - All Inclusive 7 nights at Cozumel Hotel, Dive the Atolls of Belize at Blackbird Caye Resort, New York Sinks Recycled Rail Cars as Part of Artificial Reef Program. In pre-ovulatory egg retention, the animal develops mature follicles, but due to some physiological intervention, there is follicular stasis prior to actual ovulation. Breeding season fro the iguanas starts in December and lasts until March. With the increasing popularity of iguanas being kept as pets, there is more demand on the veterinary community to offer the best medical care.


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