laravel websockets tutorial

Since we will be useing Vue.js later on to submit new comments, we will use Vue.js now to load the comments. Click here to see the Websockets Series Overview, Mastering Websockets in Laravel – Part 1: Setup and Configuration, Ultimate Guide: Deploy Laravel 5.3 App on LEMP Stack (Ubuntu 16 and Nginx), What is New in Laravel 5.3?

These two terms generally refer to the same thing, and different services will use a different word to describe this. We will once again use an artisan command in the terminal to create the controller. Has it been published yet? When using Vue, we can define an option called mounted() {} in our Vue instance, which will run one time when the Vue instance finishes mounting (completes loading).

We won’t be doing this in this tutorial, but eventually in your app you would most likely have a user’s avatar saved under something like user.avatar. After that we call ->latest() which will sort the records with newest first. This is most likely a URL to some Amazon S3 hosted profile picture. WebSockets Tutorial. For example, imagine that a user can upload a video, which then needs to undergo a time intensive post-procesing task. Another popular feature we are seeing more is “presence” which shows how many other people are currently viewing a specific page or document. Recently, Freek Van der Herten (from Spatie) and Marcel Pociot (from BeyondCode) have published a package called Laravel WebSocketswhich provides an alternative to services like Pusher. When we say “full duplex” we really mean two-way constant communication. We can do this by sending a new-comment event on the post.10 channel. We still have a lot to learn as far as actually working with websockets and writing the code to make it all come together. To keep this post focused, please review the docs: The Laravel WebSockets package even comes with a dashboard, comparable to Pusher's Debug Console. So inside of this you can see how we added a methods block and inside of that block we create two methods. This will update automatically after the response is received from the server and put into the comments array. So in our app/Post.php file we want to add the inverse of the relationship. The final thing we need to set up is when the user presses the button to submit the new comment. This is a Laravel Server in our case, but could also be Django or Node.js. On the other hand, when we just want to get all the comments for a post, we do not care if the user is logged in or not. Javascript libraries are used (such as Laravel Echo) to subscribe to channels with the socket server and to receive events over the channels. But what if a user edits a comment on the post.10 channel, we want to send a different event, this time maybe an edit-comment event. Since this.comments is an array of comments, we can use .unshift to add a new comment to the beginning of the array. You might notice that we use this.comments.unshift( to add the new comment to this array. Also, because the binding goes both ways, if we change the value of the commentBox object, than it will also change the text inside the textbox. Now we have completed our comments section of the demo. If the user leaves that page, then they will close the channel connection and effectively “unsubscribe” from the channel. Then when a new post is published, you can push an event to that channel and everyone would see that notification. This isn’t necessary we could have easily just passed in the post id with the request headers, but I decided to match the URL format that was used with the index action. This creates a controller called CommentController. To reach the post route, we add a form to our welcome.blade.php: After posting this form, the user will hit the store() method of our controller and a ProcessVideo job will be dispatched before the user gets redirected to the video's show page. First we have the web server, which sends information about changes over to the socket server which is what actually handles the passing and distribution of the information over the websocket protocol to various client browsers on users’ computers around the world. Make this the first thing you do! If we take one step back, you will notice that we wrapped the whole in a
. The comment box field HTML looks like this, with the Vue markup: Notice how we added the v-model="commentBox" to the . This is all using websockets to update the location of the cursor and the content on the page. They offer a free account, which should suffice for small to medium applications. Click here to see the Websockets Series Overview. When it gets that event, the closure is executed and in this case the processing data variable will be set to false, reactively updating the span in our template. I used to be looking for this Also, don't forget to import the Video class. Understanding these terms will make it a lot easier to understand any documentation or tutorials you try to follow in the future. For the purposes of this tutorial we will simply output the error to the console using console.log. The important thing to understand is that a websocket is a web communication protocol (similar to HTTP) that enables full duplex communication between two systems.

You can install Laravel Echo via npm: After installation, uncomment the Laravel Echo specific code in your resources/js/bootstrap.js file: In this example we'll use Redis as our queue driver, which can be installed using composer: Now, in the .env file set QUEUE_CONNECTION=redis. Make sure that APP_NAME, PUSHER_APP_ID, PUSHER_APP_KEY, PUSHER_APP_SECRET are filled in your .env. The default location of the dashboard is /laravel-websockets from your root path of the demo application and is automagically available. But not every event is appropriate for every user. Since we have a post record we can call the comments()->create() from the post record which Laravel will use to automatically attach that post_id to this comment magically. So now we have our API routes setup and they both reference this CommentsController which doesn’t exist yet. Think about these as the Vue.js version of @if, @else, @endif from Laravel Blade. HTTP is a protocol we use for most of our web requests. If the user is not logged in, than calling Auth::user()->toJson() would output an error. We will use v-for to loop through this.comments and display all of the comments on the page. Guest users should have access to viewing comments, so we want to put this route outside of the api authentication route group, so that anyone will have access to this route, even if they are logged out or do not have an account. This way we can submit the comment without needing to refresh the page. By using Channels we can organize our events to make sure that events only get distributed to the appropriate users. The first method is getComments() which will get all the comments for the current post, and the second method is postComment() which is what actually submits a new comment to be saved into our database. The two routes we need for the purposes of this tutorial is a route to give us all of the comments for a specific post (this allows us to display them on a page), and the second route that we need is a route that allows us to submit a new comment and save it in the database. This allows us to create some types of web applications you have never been able to build before. I usually do this inside of a blade section called ‘scripts’. I want realtime updates whenever a customer posts an order and whenever a order gets updated. In our example application, I have already written the HTML needed to display comments for users. certain information for a very lengthy time. The event will not be broadcasted unless you implement ShouldBroadcast. We are able to get all the comments for a single post and we can save new comments and submit them to the database via our API requests. In the meantime, our user will see a "waiting to be processed" status until the job is processed.

Now as you would expect, we have our migrations setup, we have our model, we have our routes, and now its time to actually create our controller so we can start writing the code necessary to save a new comment into the database. Once we receive a new event. WebSockets is a relatively young TCP protocol, finalized in 2011, which enables two-way communication between the server and a user's browser.


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