julian simpson radio drama

When these functions are disrupted, symptoms, which can interfere with a person’s general functioning and relationships can result. BBC Radio 4.

A straightforward and effective technique on radio and used here to excellent effect. Necessity being the mother of invention, I thought this would be a good opportunity to force myself to break the story. Writer, Julian Simpson won the Tinniswood Award for Best Radio Drama Script. Bad Memories is a modern day ghost story starring Nicola Walker, Rupert Graves, Steven Mackintosh, Jana Carpenter and Anthony Calf. The play won a BBC Audio Drama Award in the category of Best Use of Sound in an Audio Drama. The deliberate interference is controlled and a little harsh (I had earphones on) but a necessary and important contribution to the play and its eerie atmosphere. Bad Memories is a radio play by Julian Simpson. The play’s atmosphere is unmistakably that of a thriller and the cast ping off each other with the satisfaction of a well-struck drum solo. TheGolux BBC Audio Drama Awards . Consider upgrading to a modern browser for an improved experience. By the time we were … *Fugue is derived from the Latin for “flight.” Those in fugue temporarily lose their sense of identity. Home; Episodes; Clips; Galleries; Podcast; Main content. There is something portentously doom laden about the intermittent refrain, Rock-a-bye Baby, especially played in that bare, almost childish, simplistic manner. No medium does scary as well as radio. There is a more or less constant ambient sound – a feature of good radio drama that I have often said is very important but so often overlooked. Bad Memories is a modern day ghost story starring Nicola Walker, Rupert Graves, Steven Mackintosh, Jana Carpenter and Anthony Calf.

Although I was not there I am reliably informed that the talks and workshops centred on how the human brain builds a model of the world, which sees as reality. A certain credit must go to Paul Fletcher who was the scientific adviser to the play. It came about as a result of a few days spent up at the Wellcome Institute in Cambridge, talking to Paul Fletcher who is a Professor of Psychiatry at the university. Apart from the enjoyment of being drawn into a gripping yarn, each series makes you realise just how much our knowledge of the universe has increased in the relatively short time since these were made. On top of all this, I was reading up on the Commedia dell'arte so that found its way into the story too.

It stars Mark Bazeley, Indira Varma, Nicola Walker and Mark Lewis Jones. For a first play, I lucked into a dream cast: Sarah Smart, Phil Glenister, Lesley Sharp, Sean Gallagher, Dan Ryan and Nicola Walker. The characters are nicely defined and work very well together with Lemmy the radio tech being the star of the show and not Jet Morgan. Kokomo is my most recent radio play and it's a little strange. As ever, the producer was the incomparable Karen Rose and the cast includes regulars Nicola Walker, Tim McInnerny and Steven Mackintosh alongside Ferdinand Kingsley and Phoebe Fox, who absolutely nailed the always tricky role of a multi-dimensional alien entity. This series in an absolute classic of OTR science fiction. We muse, reflect and are shifted in ways that are mostly subtle but nonetheless there is a shift. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 07 January 2011, as an installment of the Friday Play. Bad Memories . Fugue is a dissociative disorder that involves disruptions to memory, conscious awareness, identity and perception.


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