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Much like Cadillac Desert, “Water is for fighting over” is a readable and compelling overview of Western water problems, but with a refreshingly new and more positive perspective. ", While walking around and enjoying the summer sunshine, don't forget to pack Within Walking Distance by Philip Langdon. Even if our unhinged president does nothing about either of these issues, regular people can vote with their forks by, for example, purchasing ungraded produce at farmers markets and packing a school lunch for their child (and a second lunch for a student in need). A variety of organizations enable public participation in science such as Earthwatch Institute. “Anything that makes it more partisan makes it less likely that there will be legislation, until such time as Democrats take over the world. When we decide what we think about climate, we rarely make up our minds based on a dispassionate evaluation of the scientific evidence. "Robert Glennon, author of "Unquenchable: America's Water Crisis and What To Do About It", "An insightful, behind-the-scenes look into water management in the West. I like this book very much. In plain, and sometimes humorous English, they’ll come to understand how our current economic system does not play by the same laws that govern nearly every other system known to humankind—that is, the laws of thermodynamics. In Nature's Allies, Larry Nielson shares eight riveting biographies of great conservationists. In my home town of Albuquerque, per capita water use has been cut in half since the mid-1990s. HI jay, We not only don’t tabulate our water use every hour or every day, we don’t do it every month, or even every year. --Journal of the American Water Works Association "Illuminating." --Sandra Postel, Director, Global Water Policy Project and co-author of "Rivers for Life" "Herald[s] a new genre, one less focused on catastrophe than innovation...Fleck may be writing about water, but his real subject is human nature." The demonization of our neighbor is unfortunate for many reasons, but it would be especially unfortunate if this agreement, so important for communities on both sides of the border, suffers in the process. The risk now is that broader conflict between the two countries over things like trade and a border wall could complicate this important agreement. We have updated our Privacy Policy with a few important changes specific to General Data Protection Rejoining the Sea Chapter 2. The deal gives Mexican water users the ability to store their water in Lake Mead, the massive storage reservoir behind Hoover Dam on the Arizona-Nevada border, near the city of Las Vegas. Western communities, whether farmers and city-dwellers or US environmentalists and Mexican water managers, have a promising record of cooperation, a record often obscured by the crisis narrative. Although there will be pain, we are not doomed. In honor of the first presidential debate tonight beteween Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, we asked Island Press authors: "If you were advisor to the president, what would your top priority be and why?" More details here. Your friends and family will discover how chemicals are changing life on earth and how we can protect it. Water is better managed when local, state, and federal interests cooperate that if they feud. It came out OK. Water is for Fighting Over and Other Myths about Water in the West is available for pre-order, on the bookshelves at your favorite local bookstore Sept. 1. Probably the most straightforward of these is to maintain a diverse forest with a variety of tree species, tree ages, and vegetation layers. No less urgently, as a globally-responsible facilitator, the U.S.—members of all administrative branches together with the citizenry who have chosen them—must, with forthright honesty and transparency, support a matured narrative of progress that is alluring across political spectrums. In the fight for readers’ attention, the extraordinary trumps the ordinary. My advice to a presidential candidate would be to recall the words of Neil DeGrasse Tyson, “The good thing about science is that its true whether or not you believe in it.” Natural forces are at work that will have adverse consequences, many of which are diametrically opposed to our national interests. Everybody doesn’t know this. Greta, the 16-year-old Swedish climate change activist, is inspiring us all with her courage and passion. Change ). For 25 years, he covered science and the environment for the Albuquerque Journal. (Alas, risk-averse state and federal agencies often fail to undertake these network-fostering roles thoughtfully or proactively. While I started off with my description of Water is For Fighting Over to our California and Southwest reps, we ended with a discussion of successes they’ve seen personally in water conservation in their communities. In your experience, what is the key to more sustainable water use in the West? 7) Improving food safety and choice by requiring good outcomes, rather than mandating specific processes. Even agriculture has flexibility. I asked the first person I ran into whether there was a community festival or something going on. I learned about networked governance, which is something that as a water manager I practice but did not know it had a name. Violin plot of flow at specified gauge, using ggplot's "jitter" to better visualize variability. Wolf’s point was put strikingly on display last month at a meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico, as representatives of the Unites States and Mexico gathered for a formal signing ceremony of an agreement over sharing the waters of the Colorado River. The UK’s National Oceanographic Centre (NOC) estimates annual global costs of climate-driven flooding, only one of multiple climate change impacts, at more than US$14 trillion. What surprised you? The future has always been uncertain, but our future may be even more uncertain. So what's an environmentalist to do? Conflict over the river had given way to a recognition of the mutual benefits of collaboration around the water system we share. He has created an interesting, insightful, clear and accessible book that maps out the not insignificant challenges to drought in the West while keeping an upbeat attitude about the innovative approaches from its many stakeholders. Fountains in the Desert Chapter 4. At that moment I bonded with Yuma, a community that in many ways for me captures the 21st century Colorado River. Forests, and the oceans, provide the greatest sinks for CO2; we can fight to maintain oceanic biosphere and health, but we could—at least conceptually—increase the area of forests. OK, maybe freaking out is in order. A rising tax on carbon is essential, and while we can differ on the details of how to do that (ideally returning most or all revenue generated to citizens), nothing we attempt will turn the corner on climate change until the price of fossil fuels rises.


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