install google tag manager
If you haven't created an account yet, click on Sign up and complete the form from Google. Log into your Shopify store and click on “Preferences” under “Online Store”. Paste the second piece of code that you got from Google Tag Manager there: Finally, click “Save” in the top right corner. Enter the Account Name and choose the Country and click on Continue. Appearance -> Editor -> header.php ( most themes add tags in header.php ), Add “Script” part of the Google Tag Manager Code in head tag. You can use Google Tag Assistant Chrome Extension to check if your code was installed and is firing correctly on your site! In WordPress Websites instead of Directly installing Google Analytics in your Website, you can use Google Tag Manager. Refresh the page and click on the Google Tag Assistant Chrome Extension again. Google Analytics Settings  –  Select “New Variable“, this is where Google Analytics have to link. There are two important things to mention about the I’ll explain here: The entire process to add Google Tag Manager to your Shopify site should take no longer than 5 minutes. Website Name  –  for reference – Enter a name which makes it simple to identify your web property. At the “Tracking ID” Add the Google Analytics Tracking ID. Locate a section of the code that starts with “ tag, as much as possible ( it will work even if you added it in body tag ). Get the 2020 Ultimate Guide to Perfect Google Analytics Tracking sent to your inbox. You’ll get your code right away. Next, choose a name for your container (again you can pick any name you'd like), and ensure you choose Web under "where to use container". How to create an SEO friendly permalink on WordPress sites? Now we need to Connect the Google Analytics to Google Tag Manager. How to integrate Facebook messenger on WordPress websites? And then at the bottom of the page – click on “Get Tracking ID“. Getting your Google Tag Manager container code, Adding Google Tag Manager to your Shopify Store, For this method to work, you need to have already installed Google Analytics on your Shopify website. And add “noscript” tag part after the opening body tag, now Google Tag Manager successfully installed on your website. If already attached then select that variable. If this is your first time installing Google Tag Manager, then use the installation steps provided by Google Tag Manager. To wrap things up, let's make sure everything is working correctly. Global Site Tag (gtag.js)  – To add directly in your Website  ( we use GTM to add Google Analytics ), Account Name  –  Add Account name for Reference ( An Account and then Container and then Workspace ). If this is your first time using Google Tag Manager, remember to publish your container by clicking “Submit” and then “Publish”. Paste the first piece of code you got from Google Tag Manager on the previous step, and click “Save”. At the bottom of your web page, you can check the details of the Google Tag Manager and how it works. Navigate to Google Analytics and click on signup. On the search bar, search for and select “theme.liquid”. From Google Tag Manager we can install a number of scripts by creating tags and can install Google Analytics, AdWords Tracking, Facebook Analytics. Tracking ID  – UA-115775302-1   useful to add analytics using tools, GTM. Next, click on “Themes” under “Online Store”. If you have already installed Google Tag Manager, then you can find these code snippets in your Google Tag Manager by clicking Admin, and then clicking Install Google Tag Manager. Thank you for being a part of the ClickMinded family! Log into your Shopify store and click on “Preferences” under “Online Store”. You should see a green tag for Google Tag Manager, indicating that the installation was successful. There are some pre-build tags that make it easy to install some tools, or can use Custom HTML Tag to add scripts that are not pre-build in Google Tag Manager. So that GTM Will load Google Analytics code Asynchronous from the Google Tag Manager Container. What is the Thank You page URL after a purchase? ​​Massively grow any business with digital marketing SOPs. 8,702 companies use ClickMinded to learn Google Analytics and massively increase conversions. Reporting Time Zone  –  Select your local time zone, so it makes you comfortable to understand the analytic reports. Analytics Mini-Course: Grab the exact walkthrough you need to setup a Google Analytics account with perfect tracking. Setup as a tag in GTM. What To Do When Your Thinkific API Key Is Reset, Google Tag Manager will fire on your site pages, it will not fire in your, If you are using Google Tag Manager, we recommend not using our built in, Google Tag Manager will fire on your site pages as well as in your, Google Tag Manager will load at the end of page load. If you want to save this tutorial for later, you can download a copy through the form below. You might see a red x within the code area. Google Tag Manager can dramatically simplify the number of code snippets required to send information to external services such as Adwords or Google Analytics. Sidenote: if you’re not using Squarespace, check out our guides for WordPress or Squarespace. So no need to modify your website each time when you plan to install some scripts tools. This does not have any adverse effects on your GA tracking and the results that you see and as this is automatically applied for all Thinkific sites. If you haven’t, you can follow. Click your container ID to launch the Install Tag Manager box. GTM loads those scripts Asynchronous ( it won’t stop other web assets to load until finishing the loading scripts ), ( If you have already created a Google Analytics tracking code skip this step). All that’s left is to check and see if everything is working properly. WebSite URL  –  Enter your website URL, if you are using HTTPS, Don’t forget to select https:// instead of HTTP. You'll now see code that can be installed on your Thinkific site: You have 2 options for installing Google Tag Manager: The top portion of code can be added to the tag of your Thinkific site theme code. Click “Add custom JavaScript to Google Analytics”. This is a non-standard implementation, which means you may see a notification from Google letting you know that the script isn't a child of the tag: Tag will be yellow in Google Tag Assistant. Properties & Apps are where the Tracking code exists. And if you have much Analytics and tracking tags you can consider using Google Tag Manager. Almost Done, before “Submit” the changes its better to test. ClickMinded is a series of digital marketing training courses for marketers & entrepreneurs. Name your account (you can choose any name you'd like) and hit Continue. Eduardo has been working on digital marketing since 2014. To get started, log into your Google Tag Manager account. This data is then aggregated to help us improve our products in areas like browser compatibility. You will need it in the next chapter. And the second part is not mandatory, if the user disabled the JavaScript this will be useful. Note that you will see additional code with the Google Tag Assistant listing Google Analytics UA-30557184-1. Install Google Tag Manager Navigate to Google Tag Manager Account Name – Add Account name for Reference (An Account and then Container and then Workspace) Enter the Account Name and choose the Country and click on Continue. It may be better to install using a plugin or if your theme provides a way to add Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager it will be the best choice to install. How to remove “Just another WordPress site” on Twenty-Twenty theme. Below that, you will find another piece of code. After publishing the changes, you can view Analytics at Google Analytics Dashboard. From this first piece of code, copy everything between the “script” tags (excluding the actual tags). He enjoys working on the intersect of his four passions: education, digital marketing, and incomplete lists. Click on “Save”  ( Give a name to this Variable – something like  – your Google Analytics Tracking ID, or just give a name like Google Analytics Settings ). Account Name –  An Account can have multiple Properties, Apps, and in that properties, can have multiple Views. click on “Tag Configuration” area and then click on “Universal Analytics“. And Select “All Pages“, to trigger the event on All Pages ( or click on + to add Create new Trigger, All pages is build in Trigger ). To just save the changes but not willing to publish, “navigate to “Create Version” tab, add “Version name” and Create a Version. click on Preview ( at the top-right side ). If you already have a Google Tag Manager account for this website, log into your account, click “Admin” on the top navigation, and then click “Install Google Tag Manager”. When you first login to Google Tag Manager, you will be asked to create an account. Near the top of the window, find your container ID, formatted as " GTM-XXXXXX ". Name your account (you can choose any name you'd like) and hit Continue. The first part of the code is mandatory. Add this Google Tag Manager code on your Website. Analytics Masterclass: Learn how to massively increase your ROI with Perfect Google Analytics Tracking.


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