hyena facts
Males then have to fight to enter a new pack which is often deadly, and the alpha female will determine their fate. There are plenty of sordid myths and legends about hyenas. As a result, spotted hyena societies are matriarchal. However, they forage alone; Although often solitary in their habits, brown hyenas will form clans of up to 10 members; Aardwolves have often been mistaken for solitary animals. Interesting facts about chipping sparrows, Interesting facts about the Canadian Rockies, Interesting facts about golden lion tamarins, Interesting facts about molten chocolate cake, Interesting facts about the Atacama Desert, Interesting facts about the Arabian Desert. Spotted hyenas hunt and kill in packs. For instance, it is thought ancient Egyptians may have tried to capture and domesticate them to fatten and eventually feast on them! Striped Hyena. Although Hyenas have been portrayed as good-for-nothing scavengers, they are in fact aggressive competitors in the bush. Even though hyenas appear to resemble dogs, but actually, have no formal relation to the dog species. They steal each other’s food and kill off the young of their enemies. Striped hyenas live off carrion and are often hit by vehicles while eating road kill. 10. Aardwolves are insectivores, and they mainly eat termites. All Destinations, Phone: 0027 21 713 4749 These are the brown hyena, the spotted hyena, the striped hyena and the aardwolf. Popular Tours This leads to competition between the two species. Required fields are marked *, About us Facts | Nature | 14 Interesting Facts about Hyenas A study done by Duke University showed that a captive pair of hyenas performed better at problem-solving and social cooperation than chimpanzees. Your email address will not be published. 6. Female spotted hyenas have a pseudo-penis that is basically an elongated clitoris. This is because the females have three times as much testosterone in their bodies. Contact us to book your safari trip now! Maasai people of Kenya and Tanzania leave their dead to be consumed by hyenas instead of burying them. There are four distinct species of the Hyaenidae family: the Striped hyena, the ‘giggly’ Spotted hyena, the Brown hyena, and the Aardwolf. background-size: 26px 26px; This sound alerts other hyenas that new food source is located. Even more amazing is that during the study, the hyenas solved all the problems in silence, using only non-verbal signals for communication. vertical-align: middle; Hyenas use various sounds, postures and signals to communicate with each other. Aardwolves are insectivores and mainly eat termites. It’s a misconception that hyenas are wild dogs. padding-left: 32px; Despite being depicted as dumb and crude, Hyenas are one of the most intelligent and socially sophisticated mammals in the world. Hyenas live in territorial and large clans that can consist of up to 80 members. Hyena. But this feeding frenzy comes at a price; a group of hyenas will fight with one another over the remains of their meal, often leading to death or severe injury. 5. Female hyenas have only two nipples, so litters of more than two have to fight to survive, leaving the weakest cubs to die of starvation. Generally, you will find that hyenas are nocturnal animals, though some are known to go hunting in the morning. Of course, your information will never be shared or sold to a 3rd party. As a result, spotted hyena societies are matriarchal. Brown Hyena. cursor: pointer; line-height: 28px; Clans can have up to 80 members; Once thought to be solitary, striped hyenas actually live in small groups. The largest are spotted hyenas (Crocuta crocuta) with 1.2 to 1.8 meters (4 to 5.9 feet) in body length, and have a shoulder height of 77 to 81 centimeters (2.5 to 2.6 feet). Hyenas are born with their eyes shut, and they will normally stay closed for over a week afterwards. Find us on Facebook 7. No safari in Africa is complete without seeing these beasts in their natural environment. After mating season, it takes 90-110 days for babies to be born. 27 interesting and fun facts about hyenas March 11, 2020 March 10, 2020 admintag Tricky and hardy, hyenas rarely risk attacking their prey if there is a risk that it will give a serious rebuff. margin-right: 1rem; Hyenas are smarter than chimps. Hyenas have a large frontal cortex of the brain and studies have shown that hyenas perform better problem-solving abilities and social cooperation than chimpanzees. They will all vary in terms of size, bulk and girth. They may attack and eat other hyenas, especially when they are young. Aardwolves are solitary animals that gather only during mating season. The female spotted hyena uses her pseudo-penis for urination, copulation and birth, which can make the birthing process difficult – it’s estimated that 60% of hyena cubs die from suffocation. They live in a wide range of habitats, from the savannah to grasslands, forests, riverine bush, desert and mountains, and are found in both Africa and sometimes in Asia. Hyenas vary in size. Blog 9. (8 to 14 kg). If you enjoy reading these interesting facts about hyenas, check out our list of interesting facts about our other favourite animals. Spotted hyenas can run up to 37 mph (60 km/h).Spotted hyenas are known as \"laughing hyenas\" because they have a distinctive call that sounds like human laughter. This substance has a strong smell and it informs other hyenas that territory is already occupied. Very few animals have been more confusing than the hyena. ABOUT US. Wild dogs care about the well-being of the pack rather than the individual. background-repeat: no-repeat; Hyenas are large, dog-like, carnivores. They live in savannas, grasslands, sub-deserts, forests and mountains of Africa and Asia. Despite their low diversity, hyenas are unique and vital components of most African ecosystems. And in the Middle Ages, hyenas were believed to dig up and consume the bodies of the dead – they do nothing of the sort! Not only do they scavenge on the kills of other animals, spotted hyenas hunt and eat 95% of their own kills which takes place in large clans. The size of an animal’s frontal cortex is believed to be connected to its social intelligence, and hyenas have a frontal cortex on par with primates. Hyenas vary widely in diet, as well as range and habitat. Spotted Hyenas are social animals and live in groups called clans, which can have up to 80 members. There are four members of the Hyaenidae family: the striped hyena, the “giggly” spotted hyena, the brown hyena, and the aardwolf (it’s a hyena, not a wolf). They steal each other’s food and kill the pups of their enemies. Scientists say that the pitch and the tone can give an indication of age and social status. The smaller, and even shyer brown hyena (Hyaena brunnea) occurs only in southern Africa. a.facebook-find { vertical-align: middle; Some pseudo-penises can grow up to seven inches long, totally besting the average length of the human penis…. Instead, they are so unique that they have a family all their own, Hyaenidae. by Travel Africa. Brown hyenas (Hyaena brunnea) are the second largest, ranging from 130 to 160 centimeters (51 to 63 inches) long and weighing 34 to 72.6 kilograms (75 to 160 pounds). Instead, they are so unique that they have a family all their own, Hyaenidae. Who’s hungry? Here are some of our favourite, Look at these adorable faces Gorgeous shot fr, Summer is coming and the boarders are slowly openi, The Kalahari Desert is simply an amazing place ful. An Ethiopian folk religion tells of people who possess the evil eye and can change themselves into hyenas. Hyenas are primarily nocturnal animals, but sometimes venture from their lairs in the early-morning. They make this sound when they are excited, but nervous, or when they are submitting to another hyena. As a result, the females are more muscular, larger and more aggressive than the males. In fact, they live as monogamous pairs with their young.


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