how to navigate google analytics
Now that you have set some goals, it’s time to get into how to navigate Google Analytics reports. And the Users Flow report also displays percentages of traffic traveling between pages as well as the number of sessions. You will be able to analyze how those people find your website and engage with your other content. This is the easiest way to install Google Analytics in Squarespace. You can track the response as it happens. Absolute change: sorts date range comparison data by amount of change rather than absolute values, Sort the table by a column by clicking the column header. Default: basic alphanumeric sort. It’s not complicated which makes it easy to interpret and you can quickly switch between the pages you want to analyze. The location report in Google Analyticsis really good for national and international businesses and even those who pick up visits from around the world without even trying. Learn more about accounts, properties, and views. This is excellent for tracking the most popular content categories. You can see who’s visiting your site in a given moment, what website pages they’re engaging with, and how they’re influencing your goal conversions. Here you will see a list of web pages with their respective pageviews. I’ll address both of these in this article. You have the option to add a monetary value to a conversion. You fire some pellets and hope that one hits the mark. That’s where advanced segments offer a unique opportunity. You don’t have to start from scratch. I’m talking about social media promotions, email marketing campaigns, traffic to fresh blog posts, and other urgent matters. You can also enable site search for different categories. And that’s it! What do you want to achieve in your business for the next 90 days? And when you’re ready to take things a step further, you can even use Google Analytics to understand people’s navigation paths, allowing you to answer questions like... Where do people go after viewing a blog post? In fact, you can start from ground zero and become pretty dang good at navigating all the features in just a few hours. Users Flow. Let’s look at the information you’ll get under conversions. I’ve used this report to help restructure navigation on pages. Google Analytics isn’t the easiest tool in the world to navigate. There are a few additional controls not shown in the interface map image at the beginning of this article: The first column of the table is the primary dimension. Select the ones specific to the custom dashboard that you want to create. Now, Google Analytics puts a lot of information in your hands. Some reports include additional tabs like Overview or Map Overlay. I’m going to walk you through seven reports that will help you answer these questions using the data that’s already available in Google Analytics. Note: access to certain features or pages in Analytics depends on your permissions. Click on “Behavior section” 1.2. Collecting data without acting on it is a waste of time and resources. The “Real-Time” tab is spliced up six ways. Using Google Analytics to Understand Navigation Paths – Loves Data. If you look at your left-side menu on your Analytics dashboard, you’ll see the five categories. You can access them from the Solutions Gallery. Sure, you’ll get some awesome data that can transform your sales and marketing. Go to “Audience” and then “Overview.” Click on the option that says “Add Segment.”. The default dashboard is not very useful. With that said, let’s move onto the meaty stuff. Buzz dies down before you even get a chance to do something about it. You can analyze where they come from, how they interact with your business, and what makes them tick. You can even apply the segment to the All Pages report and the Navigation Summary we covered at the start of this post. As we’ve seen, Google Analytics provides options ranging from the simple (like Navigation Summary) through to the complex (like sequence-based segments) to help answer your questions. Name your goal, select “Destination,” and “Continue.”, Configure your goal details by adding the URL of your “thank you” page as the “Destination.”. It’s a visualization of the different ways people travel through your content. The primary dimension and metrics displayed depend on the type of report and on the metric group selected in the Explorer tab controls. We’ve gone through every aspect of reporting on Google Analytics. But if you’re at that stage, this information is golden. When you add a new goal, you tell Google Analytics exactly what to track. Once you’ve installed the extension you’ll need to make sure you’re only logged into a single Google account (multiple accounts are not supported and you’ll see a bunch of zeros). The techniques you use to understand navigation paths will ultimately depend on the questions you’re asking and the type of analysis you want to perform. //, percentage of sessions during the date range, change the date range of the report, and chose date ranges to compare. I’ll address both of these in this article. Click on “customize dashboard” to select a custom layout. The action bar appears at the top of the reports in Analytics. There are several reports available to you. I recommend getting an overview first to analyze some important metrics. It’s also interactive; allowing you to highlight different navigation paths to see the flow for those sections without losing sight of the overall navigation picture. The ad that is triggered the most in any given moment tells you what you need to know. Is my website’s navigation correctly structured? After hovering over a node, right click and select ‘View Users’ to access the User Explorer report. Adding relevant data to your arsenal can make your efforts far more specific. “Campaigns” and “Adwords” are geared toward paid traffic. Click to see any messages generated by Analytics' automated diagnotistics. Let’s explore some of the information that you’ll find in these sections. Here are some ideas that may apply to your business: These are a few options. Wouldn’t you rather use a sure-fire approach? How many people use my contact form after viewing a product page? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They thrive on your ability to make data-driven decisions. Your data is grouped by this column. Are you restricted to the default options? Once you’ve done that, you can find the Goals settings by clicking on “Admin” at the bottom of the menu. Use the date selector to change the date range of the report, and chose date ranges to compare. Configure the details and you’re good to go! How to Navigate Google Analytics Like a Pro (Way Beyond the Basics).


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