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The dashboard structure allows you to create specialized views for specific user roles so that you can give a specific focus to a small subsection of the reported data. Well, now I am just simply used to using Piwik and I haven't run into a competing product lately that has tempted me away. We found it to be slightly more user-friendly than Urchin and the learning curve was very reasonable. Browse lets you see a list of plugins you can install to add more functionality. Piwik is awesome and Everyone should use it! The price is always right - free. Innocraft, the company who makes Motomo, is for-profit corporation who does offer commercial hosting for the Matomo analytics server software. Tableau delivers fast analytics, visualization and business intelligence.... Access and utilize a wide range of statistical procedures from summary statistics to design of experiments in an intuitive interface. By installing Piwik on your own server you will have all your statistical data in your own place and not in any cloud space of a third party company. Server log import is flawed in so many ways it's practically useless, Using JavaScript for tracking is basically a requirement, Embedded client-side JavaScript within your sitess pages, A HTTP API (actually the same API the image tag uses). It includes many of the advanced features you'd expect in an analytics platform. Access to the raw data, and allowing us the ability to customize as needed. The best place to use Piwik is when you need complete control of your data including the IP addresses of your visitors. Some of them are free software and some of them are proprietary software sold at a price. Matomo Analytics Reviews. Especially since it is a free program and open source. One of the first things you should do after installing Matomo is to go to Administration ▸ Settings ▸ Plugins and look over all the plugins listed there. The hope is to provide a better stats tracking experience for our disparate user base across multiple hosting platforms while maintaining a centralized stats pool. Obviously, Piwik has a vast amount of data available, comparing to the other big name analytic data providers, but I have worked in the company that preferred to host as little as possible on their servers, so Piwik would not be a good solution for them. Their website refers to downloading the software as "Install Matomo On-Premise". User Interface could be cleaned up a little. Welcome to the online demonstration of Matomo! I'd like to see the realtime get more detailed, and the design to be rethought, maybe with more real-time summaries. Moreover, if you wish to have substantial control over your data and want to track every visitor’s activity, analytics assist you with just that. Customer Service. About Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik) Matomo is an open-source web analytics platform, used on over 1.4 million websites in over 190 countries and translated into over 50 languages. With a funnel, you can enhance conversion rate, revenue and sales as this feature helps you determine where exactly you are losing your visitors. It is developed like a commercial product, and it sort-of is, but the product itself is fully free software (though many of the plugins available for it are not). Web analytics platform for experts and beginners. flexibility. Matomo is a great alternative for monitoring and tracking your web applications because: We use Piwik as an alternative to Google Analytics for our clients who want to track their web site statistics and would rather not have their data hosted by Google. Matomo says it values privacy protection, 100% data ownership and no data sampling. (Data protection complies to German laws ), Quick and easy access to big statistical data, Moving single projects from one Piwik installation to another, More flexibility and enhancements in eCommerce functionality. Go to Administration ▸ System ▸ Geolocation and enable DBIP / GeoIP 2 (Php) once GeoLite2-City.mmdb (or another simliar file if you choose DBIP) is in place. On top of the usual analytics, Matomo also includes the option for heat mapping so you can see where your users are looking on individual pages and then use that information to increase sales and conversions. Most of this garbage is in files named promoForTopic.twig in plugins/ProfessionalServices/templates/promo. The ability to add and remove them, change dates and more makes this a flexible way to visualize data. Apart from that, you also get to comprehend how people are interacting with your site. That aside, the important issue when choosing any analytics package is whether it tracks the range of data that you need. I do currently use Piwik and I bet I will very much use it for a long time. Since it needs to be "present" in all the pages of the web application, if something goes wrong with Matomo, it can break your app. We use Piwik for the marketing, sales and IT department. Platform Changes. The availability of a REST API also allows you to build in support for Piwik to your in-house applications which can enable developers to track bugs with more precision. There is an option to enable "Ecommerce" features. Also, the price is a major factor. In addition it was important to find a tool that gave 100% data ownership, had no data limits and was respectful of privacy. Also Google Tag Manager and companies like BrightTag seem to be doing a fair job with tracking implementation aggregation. About Matomo Analytics. Read our review of Matomo Analytics plugin 2020. The main issues with using it as a long analyzer are: Server logs can be imported by calling the misc/log-analytics/ Python script bundled with Matomo. You will have to reset your server log after it has been imported if you choose to import logs with a cron job/systemd timer. As an on-premise analytics tool, Matomo is great and recommended for internal data measurement like intranet community data. Matomo Analytics can be applied on regular sites, Intranets and even on mobile apps to track all aspects of the visitors.


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