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We began with the best debut novels, the best short story collections, and the best poetry collections of the decade, and we have now reached the fourth list in our series: the best memoirs published in English between 2010 and 2019 (not for nothing: 2015 was a very good year for memoirs). The Memory Palace, by Mira Bartok With self-deprecating humor and a confessional tone, John discusses his inauspicious childhood in the London suburbs, the early days of his partnership with Bernie Taupin, and his meteoric rise to worldwide stardom. Numbers in the normal range don't mean you're in the clear.

Smith's main concern is her long relationship with iconic photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, which rose and fell and changed over the course of 20 years, even as she found her voice in New York City's burgeoning 1970s punk scene. Acting legend Katharine Hepburn was 84 years, 12 Academy Award nominations, and 4 Oscars old when she finally released her memoir in 1991, but she was still as feisty and fierce on the page as she was on the silver screen. | $27.99. Another memoir that tries to process the events of World War II, Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl's memoir examines his time treating patients who survived the Holocaust. The May 1996 disaster on Mount Everest took the lives of five climbers and greatly impacted the lives of everyone on the fateful expedition—journalist Jon Krakauer was one of the mountaineers to make it out alive. Me Talk Pretty One Day, by David Sedaris Diving back into the work that created some of the best albums ever recorded, the author finds a new understanding of her own life. Andre Aciman beautifully captures a place, time, and group of people—amazingly preserving all three in his much-lauded memoir. You make me want to read them all, but the first would be Mara Wilson's. Writer Mitch Albom's remembrances of his weekly visits to an old college professor in the last months of his life show the importance of absorbing as much wisdom as you can from the older people in your life — those lessons stick with you forever. Child actress Mara Wilson updates her fans on what she has been up to since her last movie role. Wilder was a very different person from the larger-than-life characters that he played, and the quiet, sensitive person that he actually was is reflected in his writing. These novels written by celebrities might be sitting on a bookshelf near you. Out of Africa, by Isak Dinesen I Feel Bad about My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman, by Nora Ephron He lost his innocence and his entire family to pure evil and remained dedicated to bearing witness to the horror experienced by so many. Julia Child's memoir in meals (made and consumed) recounts the formative years of a woman who left a career in U.S. military intelligence behind to become one of the world's most famous chefs. In this funny and honest 2003 memoir—one of the first bestselling books by a transgender American— Jennifer tells the story of sharing her truth with family, friends, and colleagues and undergoing sexual reassignment surgery to live life as her real self. From her upbringing on Chicago's South Side to her triumphs and disappointments in the White House, Becoming offers a deeply personal look at Obama's life. Regardless of whether Stephen King’s brand of horror is your cup of tea, his book on the craft of writing and his own experiences—from his stacks of rejection letters he had collected by the age of 14 to his struggles with his first published book, Carrie, to his fight for life after being hit by a car in 1999—is a necessary volume for every writer. Below is a list of 10 books by famous people that I recommend if you are a fan of celebrity memoirs or are looking for something interesting and inspiring to read. This bestselling memoir, which shares a name with the author's popular blog and was later adapted for television, tells the whole impossible story in Huang's rowdy, irresistible voice: a tale of an immigrant who has always felt like an "other" in America, yet whose Cinderella story is the American Dream incarnate. Gelman’s tale is an inspiring one of starting over and learning what it really means to live at large in the world.

There's a reason Maya Angelou's autobiography is a classic that's still widely read today: Angelou is able to so beautifully capture both struggles, and the joys, of growing up against the backdrop of racism in the United States. Essayist David Sedaris is by far one of the funniest modern-day writers, and his collection of humorous essays about his life in two parts: his upbringing in the ’burbs of North Carolina—getting speech therapy for his lisp (and subsequently just avoiding words with an “s” sound), dealing with a micromanaging father, and more—and his move to Normandy with his partner despite not speaking the language. Drinking: A Love Story, by Caroline Knapp $14.95 Check out our list of essentials to make your memoir collection complete. © 2020 Galvanized Media. Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic, by Alison Bechdel A compelling story told with beauty and humor in places where you might think none could be found. Running with Scissors, by Augusten Burroughs Unsurprisingly, she's relentlessly funny throughout. $15.50

When Breath Becomes Air, by Paul Kalanithi | $16.00. SHOP NOW. We like her! The Year of Magical Thinking, by Joan Didion Juror number three?’ I weakly respond ‘I’m down here, your honor.’ Nice guy that he was, the judge said ‘I understand you’re having some problems, but I really think it’s important you see the witness’ face as she testifies.’ I replied ‘I’m in such rectal agony right now, I couldn’t care less about seeing the witnesses face, your honor.’ When he asked what the court could do for me, I asked for a ten-minute break, which he quickly granted.”. amazon.com. | $18.00. But rather than following his career as a barrier-breaking Asian American actor, this powerful graphic novel memoir focuses on his early childhood, when he and his family were among 120,000 Japanese-Americans removed from their homes and sent to internment camps during World War II.

Best known as the host of Nickelodeon's game show, Double Dare, in the 80’s and 90’s, Summers uses his life as a backdrop to show how he handled his compulsions, diagnosis, and eventually conquered his condition. From the outside, Margaret Cho's career arc was one any standup comedian would aspire to: serving her time in the open mic trenches, graduating to headliner status, transitioning to television, landing her own ABC sitcom. $15.99 After finding out about her husband Craig’s infidelity, bestselling author and mom-of-three Glennon Doyle Melton was faced with this question from Craig: “I just need to know if you can really know me and still love me.” It turned out to be a question she needed to ask God and herself as well in this powerful memoir about love and self-discovery. It’s actually a self-help book for those who have or think they might have obsessive-compulsive disorder, written by a TV personality who kept his disease hidden from himself, and the world, for years.

The story of Keith Richards is the story of the Rolling Stones, and of rock music itself. Paperback OCD overtook his life for many years, so it’s only fitting that OCD is the focus of his book. Poetic and incredibly inspiring, the reader watches Angelou develop from a … $15.99 Barack Obama grew up as the son of a white American mother and a black African father, who left when Obama was just 2 years old. George Takei is undoubtedly best known for helming the USS Enterprise as Lt. Sulu on Star Trek in the 1960s. It's also interesting to hear about how her close but sometimes troubled family life shaped her into the person that she became. His is a timely tale about the struggle of white working-class Americans, offering insights into some of the political developments of 2016. All Rights Reserved. Amy Poehler's collection of essays is as funny as you'd expect from the former star of The Upright Citizens Brigade, Saturday Night Live and Parks and Recreation — but it also contains lots of useful real-world wisdom, such as advice about when to be funny and when to get serious. Tuesdays with Morrie is a memoir by American writer Mitch Albom. Perhaps some of the most intriguing pieces of this beloved work are Hemingway’s insights on fellow writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda Fitzgerald, and Gertrude Stein.


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