are centaurs real
I don’t know. Appropriately enough, given the two-part nature of the creature at which I’ll be looking, this will be the first of two blog posts. Those few centaurs who survive their difficult childhoods–the horse half grows much faster than the human half–are housed in a secret facility operated by the Administration for Sustained Silliness. We’ll admit that they could’ve pulled off a miracle, learning to breathe underwater and setting up under the waves at the bottom of the ocean. More like transspecies, no? Had any of your neighbors seen anything like it? To those who continue to email me with passionate arguments for one side or another, I can only repeat that it’s not up to me to make a ruling on this issue. They won’t take kindly to your having seen a centaur. Wanna buy some Play-Doh and a hot cocoa? We guess their horse bodies just give them an unfair advantage, with centaurs really being sweethearts who can’t stop thinking about their appearance. In ancient times, centaurs lived in environmentally responsible groups, far from human towns and villages. She’s prepared for quite the day, even bringing a snack along to keep up her energy. The shot wouldn’t be complete without his massive chain, wrapped firmly around his hands and looking like he’s casually spinning it around the camera. It is also said that Jimmy Carter saw a centaur once. The image is pretty busy, with her horse self obviously in the middle of taking a turn at a full gallop, digging into the sand to get a solid purchase as it makes the high speed maneuver. He’s gotta have some extra strength sunscreen on. It wasn’t all that long ago the word didn’t exist. His centaur replica is just what we’d expect from such a project, with the rose itself being pretty graceful and the man himself sitting upright and looking for all intents and purposes like a guy who’s in control, despite the man boobs of course. We also can’t imagine why a centaur would spend their time hanging out in a pasture when he could easily do whatever the hell he wanted. With Atlantis open for bidders we could just make our way down there and call squatters rights. the luminal being. We can’t believe we didn’t think of something like this sooner and it’s … Senator doesn’t. « ‘Gesu Bambino’ (Pavarotti) If not, we suspect he probably had to power through multiple family-sized bottles of 100 SPF just for his first coat. That’s really the only explanation here, with quite real proof right here to back it up. It is due to the facts … He’d probably be better off on his own, but these two could just have one of those bonds that can only be understood by a centaur and its human. He’s really at odds with himself, it seems, and we really hope this centaur can learn to love his human side the way he does his horsiness. Please tell us more. , It’s hard to say. But seriously, who are these people who are busy photoshopping random people’s bodies on those of horses and posting them online. With a little care from his groomsman he could be quite striking, but his servant’s appearance doesn’t really inspire confidence, itself.


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